Morgan Wilde: Crafting Life's Story in Leather

I'm Morgan Wilde, and I've embarked on a journey that blends passion, resilience, and creativity. It all started in the breathtaking mountains of Whistler, BC, where my love for crafting leather began. I began as a self-taught artisan, creating bespoke pieces for friends and family, infusing each creation with timeless elegance.

My path took an unexpected turn when motherhood beckoned, and I found myself in the quiet town of McBride in the Robson Valley. But life's twists and turns led me to Alberta, igniting my drive to turn my leather craft into a full-time venture as a single mother.

At the heart of my creations lies a commitment to handcrafting and making things slowly. Inspired by faith, motherhood, and a dash of rebel spirit, I value the authenticity of handcrafted pieces. I make sure to use every inch of the leather hide, minimizing waste and honoring the materials I work with.

My mission is simple: to bring joy to those who own my creations. Whether you're from Canada, the US, or beyond, I aim to connect with you authentically. Beyond the digital world, I'm also exploring trade shows and the western market.

My legacy is one of handmade luxury, where quality and love shine through every piece. I believe in the enduring beauty of timeless craftsmanship and in constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Explore my creations and join me on this journey. Morgan Wilde Leather is more than a brand; it's a commitment to the enduring artistry of handmade craftsmanship. Welcome to my world.